Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer in Hastings, East Sussex, England
Susan Kennard


My Name is Susan Kennard.

My passion is helping people to expand consciousness and shift any unwanted emotions, physical problems and limiting beliefs that they may hold so that they can feel free. I am a EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer with The AMT. I have a practice at Harley Street and at the Wellington Centre on the South Coast in Hastings.

I am a trained therapist with a BA Hons in Psychology and a Post Graduate in Psychoanalytical Observation from the Tavistock Centre, North London.

I trained at the College of Psychic Studies to develop my fine intuition and trained at the College of Natural Nutrition as a Naturopath.

I run special workshops every month with both adults and children. The workshops allow you to be part of a group experiencing a powerful shift in energy creating emotional freedom.

By combining the skills and qualifications I have gained over my years working as a therapist and intuitive, I have developed a unique and successful practice helping both adults and children individually and in groups. As I mentioned I practice in the South East and in London’s Harley Street, however I also offer Skype and telephone sessions so that distance is no barrier.

Business or personal, adult or child I will be able to provide a new perspective for you.


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